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Important Dates

February 2, 2024:
Project Submissions Due

February 9, 2024:
Individual Submissions Due

May 16, 2024:
Celebration Gala

Project Categories

The Awards for Engineering Excellence demonstrate the value ACEC-BC member firms offer to clients as they celebrate technical excellence and recognize innovation in engineering that is simply a cut above the rest.

Project awards are presented in the following categories:

🏢 Buildings

Engineering related to buildings such as electrical, mechanical, structural, foundations and related systems engineering including systems to control heating, lighting, and energy management.

🏡 Municipal & Civil Infrastructure

Engineering related to water supply, wastewater, drainage, solid waste, municipal and systems engineering related to municipal infrastructure, but excludes transportation related projects.

🚝 Transportation & Bridges

Engineering related to transportation projects including roads, rail, bridges, tunnels, airports, transit systems, ports and marine engineering.

⚡ Energy & Industry

Engineering related to mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, geology, geophysics, forestry, agriculture, fisheries, power and transmission, industrial and related systems engineering.

🌲 Natural Resource & Habitat

Engineering related to the protection or enhancement of natural resources and habitat.

💻 Soft Engineering

Engineering for non-construction projects such as training projects, computer software, research and development, geomatics, pilot projects, development of instrumentation, studies, and reports.

💡 Projects Under $2.5 Million

Any built project with a total construction cost of $2.5 million or less. At the entrant’s discretion, a project under $2.5 million may be entered in this category or any other category.

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