2021 Award of Merit

Qualicum Beach Waterfront – Beach Creek Estuary Enhancement
Owner: The Town of Qualicum Beach |  Qualicum Beach, BC

About the Project

The Town of Qualicum Beach has developed a comprehensive Waterfront Master Plan (WMP) that will help the town achieve a long-term goal of environmental, economic, social, and cultural sustainability. 

The Town had now initiated the Memorial Avenue Upgrade Project, to provide a safe and attractive connection between the community center and the waterfront. As part of this project, the Town is improving the road and related infrastructure at the intersection of Memorial Avenue at Highway 19A. The improvements include a roundabout conversion, modifications to the seawall and waterfront walkway, a public viewing platform/walkway, and revitalization of the Beach Creek estuary. 

SNC-Lavalin Inc. was asked by Town of Qualicum Beach to undertake conceptual and detailed design for the revitalization of the Beach Creek estuary in close collaboration with Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd. who was responsible for all upland works. 

The beach wrack is evidence of significant marine ecological habitat offshore in the shallow subtidal area of the shoreline and is an important source of organic material for beach ecosystem functioning. The beach creek outfall provides continuous freshwater and acts as a source of drinking water for wildlife using the beach area as well as a habitat for various fish species. 

The intent of the marine portion of the project is to stabilize the estuary area of the creek, to provide a permanent marine habitat area that can be viewed by the public year-round and to provide interim protection to this vital waterfront access route over the next 50 years of exposure. 

Service(s) Provided
Conceptual and detailed engineering, construction and monitoring

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