Project | 2021 Buildings
Stantec Tower

Owner: Humford and ICE District Development Partnership  |  Edmonton, Alberta


About the Project

What do the Metropolitan Life Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Burj Khalifa have in common? They have all been—at one point in time—the tallest tower in the world. Civilizations have long reveled at the skyline, racing up and up. Stantec Tower was a chance for our team to touch the stars. We wanted to make an iconic contribution to the downtown’s skyline and elevate our city to new heights.

A Match Made

The search for the perfect home for Stantec’s 1,500 Edmonton employees ended when synergies were discovered between Stantec and ICE District Joint Venture (JV)’s corporate and day-to-day operational goals. The ICE District JV needed an anchor tenant for a mixed-use tower with the goal of complementing the existing ICE District buildings and rounding out the district as a versatile entertainment hub. Stantec was looking for a new corporate headquarters for its employees, with the goal of co-locating our Edmonton offices and staff under one roof. Stantec Tower was the perfect addition to the iconic ICE District development rejuvenating Edmonton’s downtown core.

Measuring Success

Stantec’s new tower stands in the heart of Edmonton as a visible monument to our longstanding passion and dedication to engineering and architecture. With 26 floors of office space, 483 luxury residential units, and below-grade parking stalls, the mixed-use tower creates a vibrant new destination within Edmonton’s city core. At a staggering 69 storeys (251 metres), Stantec Tower is home to the highest residential address in Canada west of Toronto.

Service(s) Provided
Buildings Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Information & Communications Technology
Interior Design
Lighting Design
Mechanical Engineering
Program & Project Management
Structural Engineering
Sustainability & Building Performance
Visioning Brands Experiences

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