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BCIT North Campus Infrastructure Renewal

Owner: British Columbia Institute of Technology  |  Burnaby, British Columbia


About the Project

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (“BCIT”) North Campus Infrastructure project initially began as an upgrade to the school’s electrical infrastructure, with key unit substations approaching the end of their expected useful life. BCIT engaged Stantec to replace the 11 substations and related infrastructure, along with the design and construction of a new power- receiving substation. The resulting upgrades has led to three major electrical services that form the electrical backbone of the area, encompassing high voltage (HV -12.5/25kV), low voltage (LV- below 750V) and, telecommunication, control, and safety service.

Since the electrical upgrades required underground utility work on English Road, the project grew into an opportunity to enhance the public realm of the North Campus with integration of sustainable design elements. Utilizing an integrated design approach, Stantec and BCIT took stakeholder input from the Campus Plan to transform English Road into English Walk, a pedestrian-friendly corridor that enhance the student experience and better connects the east and west sides.

The project also integrates the infrastructure-related sustainable framework, Envision, which propelled the project to sustainably innovative heights. The framework encompasses five assessment categories: Quality of Life, Leadership, Resource Allocation, Natural World, and Climate Resilience. Because of its positive social, economic, and environmental impacts to the community, the BCIT North Campus Infrastructure project earned itself an Envision Gold Certification, the first educational institution to be certified under this rigorous sustainability framework.

Service(s) Provided
Buildings Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

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