84 Avenue: Turning 800m of Challenges into Sustainable Solutions

Owner: City of Surrey  |  Surrey, BC


About the Project

As the City of Surrey continues to grow, the City is committed to providing a well-thought-out and sustainable transportation system to facilitate goods movement and support multi-modal transportation opportunities. Leading the transportation improvements proposed for the next 10 years, the City had chosen to close the gaps on 84 Avenue to complete the arterial corridor; providing improved connectivity to the City of Delta, Nordel Way, and Highway 91 to the west, and Fraser Highway and 160 Street – near the terminus of the future Skytrain station – to the east.

From the onset, it was clear this project posed a myriad of challenges. 80 Ave and 88 Ave were shouldering the burden of heavy east-west traffic volumes; contributing to increased travel times, and greenhouse gases while limiting transportation options and compromising safety, reducing the quality of life for the residents and businesses in Surrey.

The presence of poor soft soil in the construction area raised concerns about the stability and durability of the infrastructure. Additionally, the complexities of BC Hydro Transmission Line Clearance and permit approvals, ensuring compliance with regulations while accommodating existing infrastructure posed to be a significant challenge. The two high-profile local fish-bearing streams, Bear Creek and King Creek, along the route also posed environmental sensitivities, requiring meticulous planning to safeguard aquatic habitats. The historical municipal landfill site further complicated the project, demanding careful consideration of environmental impacts and proper remediation.

The presence of protesters introduced a social aspect, requiring effective community engagement strategies to address concerns and ensure project acceptance. Addressing these challenges comprehensively was essential to the successful execution of the transportation improvements on 84 Avenue.


As part of our strategies on municipal improvement projects, we always look for opportunities to provide additional benefits to the local community such as improved connectivity of trail networks, street beautification and enhancement, sustainable stormwater management, wildlife passages, and alternative transportation infrastructure – all while garnering public acceptance.

The project involved 800m of new 2 lane arterial road construction through Bear Creek Park. The project included a 40m free span bridge over Bear Creek and the installation of a large box culvert with provisions for poor soils for the crossing of King Creek, both of which are prominent salmon spawning streams in Surrey.

In addition to providing relief for the adjacent arterial roads, the connecting of 84 Ave provides a scalable transportation asset due to the required ROW for a four-lane multi-modal arterial road, already dedicated between 120 Street and Fraser Highway, and required pavement width and intersection geometry supporting four-lane cross-section, already established for a large portion of the corridor. Also most of the fronting properties are rear yard access; therefore, impacts to driveways and inherent conflicts are not present. Finally, the majority of current utility pole offsets are conducive to a modified four-lane cross-section requiring minimal relocation.


Aplin Martin and our sub-consultants supported the City of Surrey through securing the required environmental and BC Hydro permits to facilitate construction. Aplin Martin also fostered a positive image for the project via providing innovative low environmental impact roadway designs, as well as promoting access and interaction with the Bear Creek Park by implementing a new trail system with opportunities for viewing the protected natural settings.

    Service(s) Provided

    Prime Consultant
    Project Management
    Secure Permit Approvals
    Civil Engineer of Record
    Conceptual Design
    Detailed Design
    Storm Water Modeling
    Contract Administration
    Resident Field Inspection Services

    Project Team (Consultants)
    Braun Geotechnical Ltd
    All-Span Engineering & Construction Ltd
    Great Northern Engineering Consultants Inc
    Legacy Environmental Ltd.
    Envirochem Services Inc.


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